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If you want to make your essay more interesting or to prove your point of view with the thought of some famous person, you should use a quotation. Also, you often have to give information about what people say or think. In order to do this you can use direct or quoted speech, or indirect or reported speech.

Direct Speech For Your Superior Essays Writing?

The effective use of quotations supplements the power of your arguments and makes your essays more interesting. If you really want to impress the audience, you should start your essay with a witty appropriate quote. But don’t overload your paper with direct speech. The reader should hear your voice, not only wise thoughts of other people.

Don’t Plagiarize!

Saying exactly what someone has said is called direct speech (quoted speech). Here what a person says appears within quotation marks (“…”) and should be word by word. Remember: don’t make it look like you plagiarized, there are some strict standards. You should totally distinguish your writing from the quote.

Some Rules For Superior Essays Writing:

  • You should mention the author and the source of the quotation.
  • You should use a colon (:) to indicate the beginning of the quotation. Then begin the quotation with a quotation mark (“). After you have completed the quotation, close it with a quotation mark (“).
  • As a rule, whenever you use a direct quote (using quotation marks or ‘inverted commas’) you should provide the page number to indicate exactly where the quote comes from. For indirect quotes (i.e. paraphrasing), the page number is optional.

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